Clean label

The concept of “Clean Label” has become more present than ever. However, “Clean Label” is not a legal term and it has many interpretations. Most of the times it refers to eliminating “not-natural-sounding” ingredients, like monosodiumglutmaat (E621) or ribotide. Another interpretation refers to a more simple declaration on the product label. This means a short and simple ingredient list that everybody understands.

Whatever interpretation you give to “Clean Label”, the demand to clean label products is only increasing. Together with you, we investigate the possibilities and we are looking for a matching solution.

Frequently Asked Questions are :

– No monosodiumglutamaat (msg) (E621)

– No taste enhancers

– No yeast extracts

– Use of natural ingredients.

For all these questions, we have the right knowledge and expertise in house to offer a good solution.