RSPO palm

Palm oil has a bad reputation already for a while. This is due to the ecologic problems that occur when producing the oil. However, the worldwide demand for palm oil is still increasing due to the increasing prosperity of countries like China and India. But palm oil is also being used for bio fuel, even further increasing the demand. This leads to a further expansion of palm production sites, causing a continued deforestation of the rainforest in combination with bad working conditions for the local people. As a reaction, the oil industry is working on a more sustainable production of palm oil products.

Since the economical and nutricial importance of palm oil, traders are looking for a positive cooperation with the local communities as well as with international companies. By working out international regulations and agreements, the (palm) oil sector aims for a completely sustainable chain from production till finished product.

The international platform that combines social organisations, industry and retail worldwide to produce sustainable palm, calls the “Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil” or RSPO. Inside this platform criteria has been established to guarantee good care for human being, animal life and the environment, while keeping the economical aspect into account.

Also, the WWF, Oxfam Novib and a number of local social organisations are member of the platform. They help looking for solutions to improve the production circumstances, they help controlling the certifications, handed over to Companies following the criteria of RSPO and they help monitoring the complete chain of supply.
Next to that, RSPO established guidelines about the communication of the use of sustainable palm. They worked out a set of rules what and how a claim and a logo can be used on products and their packaging.

Flandor Flavours International is conscious about this issue and therefore, we only use palm oil products from RSPO members. These are the producers and traders that support the production of the sustainable palm.

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