For over 3 generations, Flandor Flavours International gives taste to all your meals and food. Taste is a complex thing. It’s a game of senses, brain activity and context. It’s influenced by tradition, culture, age and life style. It’s an exciting and diverse world.
Since 1976, Flandor Flavours International invests in gathering knowledge to understand and control this mystic. Thousands of recipes over the past decades defined a specific identity to the products of professional Food Producing Companies. By using its flavours, Flandors Flavours International, guarantees Food Companies a unique, high quality and consistent taste in their own products.
Well equipped laboratories and spacious production facilities ensures product repetitiveness, safety and traceability. The production meets all HACCP standards. Quality is our priority. This translates into the achievement and the extension of the IFS Certificate.
If you don’t immediately find what you are looking for on this website, please contact us. Together, we will look for a solution that fits your needs.

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