Herb mixes

Flandor Flavours International is best known to some as a flavour house. However, this definition describes only part of its activities. Flandor Flavours International effectively has an extensive range of flavourings that can be used in specific applications.

But sometimes a simple blend of herbs can provide relief or be more desirable. A carefully composed bouquet of spices can produce culinary delights. Food development often starts from spice mixtures and it is only when the limitations of these mixtures get in the way of the desired result (excessive dosage, solubility, microbiology, etc.) that solutions via flavourings or seasonings are considered.

Flandor Flavours International has a number of herb mixes developed in-house but will be just as happy to help you develop a customised herb mix for your recipe. Don't hesitate to contact us to see what solutions we can offer for you.

Herb mixes

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