The term flavour covers a very big picture. So much so that the media often puts everything to do with taste and smell under this heading. Within Flandor Flavours International, flavourings are a very specific group of products, alongside spice mixes and seasonings. Flavourings are highly concentrated flavour-giving ingredients that can determine the flavour profile of a food product or steer it in a specific direction with a very limited dosage.

Flavourings exist in liquid and powder form. You can often find the same flavour profile in both physical forms. The choice between the liquid or powder form is mainly determined by your own preference (what do you prefer to work with, what is easiest for you to dose, what is most suitable for your machinery) or by the application (in some applications, a liquid flavouring will have a greater effect, in other applications a powder flavouring will work better).

If you are struggling to choose the best flavouring for your application, get in touch soon. The team at Flandor Flavours International will help you choose or put together the most suitable flavouring for you.

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